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Twilight Passion was formed in Summer 1981 by Martin Ley, Mark Cresswell and Mike Paterson. Our first songs were initially produced in Martin's studio aka his bedroom using various synths and a 4-track tape recorder. Despite this, we were informed that our music was over-produced!  in 1988 we set up our studio 'The Programming Suite' in the heart of synth city - Basildon, Essex, home to such greats as Depeche Mode, Yahoo and Erasure. It was there that we wrote and recorded our first single MEG 1. At around the same time we also worked closely with major Essex Discos such as Hollywood in Romford and TOTS in Southend-On-Sea where we created a unique piece of art music for the renowned laser light show.

Essex Girls - Our parody of West End Girls was banned by EMI & the Pet Shop Boys and we are not allowed to play this track in public performances. Mark & Martin took the Pet Shop Boys hit "West End Girls" added lyrics, jokes and sound effects reflecting the nation's opinion of Essex at the time. Martin's trombone replaced the trumpet part on the original. A dance beat and new arrangements added. Radio 1 DJ, Steve Wright heard the track and wanted to play it, we approached EMI but they said NO!! The 12" which was coming along well, particularly for the "dance trance" musical arrangements, unfortunately it had to be scrapped.

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